Saturday, 23 February 2013

2013 Nationals - distance events filling up fast!

Hi team!

Duane from Technosport emailed me back today and confirmed that distance events are filling up fast. If you're interested in the distance events (1500/800 free), sign up immediately. If you're not planning to swim distance events, you still have some time to sign up for the other events.  

If you are interested but haven't registered because you're just not sure what to expect or how it all works, please talk to coach Mike during practice or send an email to with your questions/concerns. Masters swim meets aren't just about competing and challenging yourself - although you'll see swimmers of all ages and abilities doing just that - it's also a ton of fun, and a great chance to watch and cheer on other swimmers. 

For the benefit of swimmers who have never competed at a Masters event, here's a general breakdown of how registration for Masters works:

Step 1. You must obtain a personal provincial registration number ( = your "mso number"). People can sign up as "unattached" or as in our case, as part of an officially registered club. The process for getting your personal provincial registration number is still unclear, but we believe the registration takes place through coach Mike, and fees will be paid to him via PayPal or funds transfer into the club's bank account - as soon as we know for sure, we'll post details.
cost - personal mso number = $35
cost - affiliation with St-Laurent Sharks club = tbd soon by Mike

Step 2. Then, using your personal MSO number and club name, your coach registers you for the events you'd like to swim at a meet. Here are the fees for nationals:
cost - base fee = $80
cost - each event = $5 for each event/relay

Here's where it gets a little tricky - for Nationals this year, we're going to swim as Technosport members since our club is small and we may not have enough people to build relay teams. You still need your personal provincial registration number set up under St-Laurent Sharks (step 1) but when you ask to be registered for Nationals (step 2) this will be done under the team name of Technosport. Don't worry, you're still a St-Laurent Shark at heart, but competing under the umbrella of Technosport for larger meets means that we help them fill up relay teams and in return they often let us drop in to their swims to get in more pool time before the meet. 

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