Sunday, 17 March 2013

Drill: one-arm freestyle (with board)

The one-arm freestyle drill allows swimmers to focus on the mechanics of the pull for the arm being used. It's especially effective if swum slowly, so that the swimmer moves through the mechanics of the recovery phase (hand comes out of the water and around to the front of the shoulder) and the propulsion phase (hand enters the water, reaches forward, catches the water and pulls through to the hip) with great focus.

How to perform the drill:
The one-arm freestyle drill can be done using a kickboard to stabilize the arm not being used, or without, your choice. Kept the arm not being used out to the front of the shoulder, and focus on moving the active arm slowly through freestyle stroke mechanics.
Focus on...
- swimming slowly and thoughtfully 
- high-elbow recovery above the water
- hand enters the water at 30degree angle and arms stretches forward 
- high-elbow catch below the water
- exit at the hip

Posted by Nadine Bennett, c/o St-Laurent Sharks Masters Swim Club.
Not to be copied, reposted or distributed without club permission.
March 17th, 2013

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