Sunday, 13 January 2013

Time Trials Dec 20th videos!

The first time trials meet took place on Saturday, December 20th - hopefully everyone enjoyed it as much as I did! 10 swimmers took part, and we alternated lanes between races and cool-down swims. Thanks to Mike, we got a chance to learn more about how timing and starts take place at a real meet, and of course, we raced various swim events and cheered each other on for a fun relay at the end. A big thanks to coach Mike for organizing the event and lending his experience!

Mike suggested we hold time trial meets every month or two, its a great way to log and track progress in your favourite events, especially if you're planning to compete in masters meets this year. Participating in these Saturday morning time trial meets is voluntary, of course, and if it's held during regular session time there will be lanes left open for those who prefer to swim a practice rather than race. It was fun, looking forward to the next one! 

Thanks to Marie (Phil's wife) and Samara (Brigitte's daughter), who helped out by timing the swims. Hmmmm, future club members maybe? Here are videos from the time trial meet (note: had difficulties viewing on Ipad/Safari), swim times have already been posted on your individual timed swim posts. 

Team relay

Reid & Phil backstroke

Reid & Phil - 100yd freestyle

Candace breaststroke, Brigitte backstroke

Brigitte breaststroke

Bill freestyle, Rob backstroke

Laura & Heidi freestyle

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