Monday, 29 October 2012

Vote for our new club name!

I`ve compiled everyone`s suggestions, the poll is now up and ready for you to cast your vote! 

We`re asking everyone to pick their top 2 choices so that we have an alternate name in the event MSC rejects our top choice. In reviewing the list of clubs on MSC`s website, it`s clear that many clubs have similar names, the key seems to be making sure our acronym is unique (all of the choices in the poll are acronyms not found in the current club list). Voting closes Sunday, November 4th at midnight.

Don`t know about you, but I look forward to seeing our new club banner up instead of the ``Yuck It Up Masters Swim Ontario`` banner that`s currently hanging on the wall. After 4 years of swimming at St-Laurent, I never even noticed it until it was pointed out to me, it`s gotta go...

See you in pool!

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