Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Club Meeting - Oct. 20th 2012

Here's quick overview of topics covered at last Saturday's meeting...

formally establishing the club:
- Mike will handle forms for registration
- fee for registering the club with MSC = $45
- fee for registering individual swimmers = $35
- add fees for whatever competitions you choose to participate in
- benefits of being registered with MSC include insurance coverage and the option to swim with other clubs while travelling in other areas of the country (world as well?)

choosing a club name: 
- please submit your suggestions by Sunday, Oct 28th
- suggestions can be sent to:
- a poll will be posted, everyone can vote and we'll have our new club name!

focus on participation:
- competing as a team is one of our goals, creating a positive and fun social environment is another
- the Complex has rooms available for use, some with kitchens, we could do pot luck or breakfast after swims on a Saturday
- the club could also look to do activities in addition to swims, ie, dragon boat! 
MSC has some great programs, more coming soon on the site about them  :-)

support of the Complex:
- sponsorship a possibility?
- look into the possibility of hosting our own yard meet in the future
- work towards boosting our swimmer membership to ensure the program continues long into the future, perhaps arrange a free drop-in for anyone interested in trying it out, promote it through the Complex (ie, posters)

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