Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Million Metre Challenge - sign up!

The Million Metre Challenge is a Masters Swimming Canada program designed to promote swimming for health and fitness. The program encourages regular participation through tracking of cumulative distance swum and recognition as the swimmer reaches various milestones.

Congrats to Candace, who surpassed her 100,000m milestone this week! She'll get her 100,000m milestone swim cap courtesy of Masters Swimming Canada. Only 900,000 more metres to go, you can do it!

Interested in getting started too? It's easy:

Step 1: create your profile, have your mso registration number handy if you have one

Step 2: login to your new profile

Step 3: read the Million Metre Challenge rules

Step 4: on your new mymsc page, click on the "Add a log entry" link next to the Million Metre Challenge logo

Step 5: log your swims! Be sure to use the conversion to metres, since we swim in a yard pool! The weekly postings for workouts have the conversion in each one...

Thanks to our swimmers that are tracking their metres, our club is up there on the list for June/July! Checkout the spread close to our rank, it wouldn't take much to surpass the pack...

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