Saturday, 6 April 2013

St-Laurent Sharks at the Swim-EAU-Thon!

The Swim-EAU-Thon was a lot of fun, we'll definitely be back next year!

4 sharks went - Reid swam early in the morning, and Candace, Diane and Nadine closer to noon. The pool is salt water, 6 lanes across, and we swam the 1500 m with 2 per lane. Not only were funds raised for 2 organizations - the gang from our club raised over $600 - but this is a good event for anyone who is thinking of doing distance swims but doesn't want the first time to be under the pressure of a formal Masters competition. The atmosphere on deck was great - the timers were very friendly and explained how the event worked to each swimmer before they got in the water, they counted the laps for us (thank goodness), everyone swam at their own pace and stroke choice without any pressure.

I haven't spoken to Reid yet, but here's how we did:

Candace - 27:15 freestyle, woooohoooo, awesome time!

Diane - 34:29, pretty amazing considering it was all backstroke with flipturns at every wall (with a few "flop turns" as she calls them - hey, it's hard to judge the distance from flags to the wall in a new pool on backstroke, sometimes the flip turn is just nowhere near the wall!)

Nadine - 30+ mins doing kick with flippers

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