Monday, 1 April 2013

Rideau Speedeaus Swim-EAU-thon: this weekend

Anyone who is still thinking about signing up - probably not too late, see the link below and send them an email to confirm if spots are still available. It's a 1500m fund-raiser, and your donations go towards charities. While it's not a sanctioned event (not official MSO times), there will be timers and counters, so it will be quite like the real thing. If you're not sure you can race 1500m, the registrar assures me their only concern is that you finish in under an hour to allow the next heat to start. You can swim, or even mix it up with some kick - thanks to my shoulder problems, I'll be using flippers to kick the entire 1500m.

So if you haven't signed up, think about it, at last count there are 4 of us participating! There are 3 time slots (9, 10, 11am), several of us are coming in to practice at 7am first, and then swimming the event at 11am.

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