Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Potluck breakfast - Saturday, March 30th

Hi gang!

Kevin & Cary will be hosting a potluck swim club breakfast on Saturday, March 30th after swim practice. It's a good opportunity to enjoy great food and conversation, and to get to know your fellow swimmers better. And if you like, spouses/partners welcome, bring your better half and kiddies along too!

Please RSVP to let them know what you'll be bringing by leaving a message in the comment box below, or send an email to stlaurentswimclub@gmail.com. Kevin and Cary will provide coffee and tea.
coffee by Kevin
...but can he shape the foam into a shark!

Time: 8:45am

Place: Kevin & Cary's house 
(if you need the address, send me an email)


  1. Hi Cary - at the last team meeting, a motion was passed declaring that no further team meetings are permitted to take place unless an appropriate selection of pastries is provided for consumption during the meeting. Since I'm sure someone will bring up team business at some point, I'll bring homemade Hungarian pastries (apple, probably walnut too)... ;-)

  2. Hungarian pastries yum! Menu coming together ... so far we have the following items

    Cary - Sharks' Special Strata
    Kevin - coffee (and tea)
    Victoria - smoked salmon
    Laura - fruit and yogurt dip
    Brigitte - sweet potato dish

    1. I will bring carrot and cranberry muffins. Pierre