Thursday, 21 February 2013

Thursday mornings - new start time

Thursday mornings will now have a start time of 6:00am for those swimmers looking to get  in more pool time. 

The extra 30 minutes will likely be used for a distance set, and be a good opportunity to build your endurance. This morning's 1500s went well, but made it difficult for swimmers coming in at 6:30am to get in for warm-ups at the usual time. The suggestion was made that 6:00am swimmers do a short warm-up (5mins) and start the distance set as soon as possible - and as the speedier lanes finish their distance swims soonest, they make room for 6:30am swimmers coming in to start warming up...

Seeing as how the distance set this morning went so well, I'm just going to casually put the link to Nationals here again so anyone who was on the fence about competing but now realizes how fun it would be to sign up for the 1500m can take another look at the meet  :-)
event schedule, see coach Mike for registration info:

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